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Components for Artificial Grass

Airlastic develops important components for artificial grass that lead to the perfect energy restitution, shock absorption and vertical deformation of a sports field or playground. The Airlastic philosophy is based on combining air with elasticity in order to create the perfect energy restitution, shock absorption and vertical deformation of a sports field or playground. Many applications in our day to day life are based on the same principle, like car tires, mattresses, airbags and sportshoes. Airlastic also has a positive impact on the biomechanical impact of the musculo-skeletal mechanics of players leading to less injuries and fitter players. Airlastic supports turf producers, contractors, installers, architects, principals and players in making the right choices for long lasting performance!

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High Performance Foam

Airlastic has developed specially engineered systems which meet the highest standards based on the ‘airlasticity’ principle. Safe, durable, clean and friendly for the environment and very easy to install as well. This foam is based on environmental friendly polyethelene and has excellent properties regarding shock absorption, energy restitution, vertical deformation and drainage. Airlastic High Performance Foams are available in various thicknesses and densities and can also be tailored to your exact requirements in the laboratory of Airlastic.

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    Airlastic® High Performance (HP), cross linked polyolefin foam pad cutted in X-pattern for drainage and stability purposes.

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    Airlastic® High Performance (HP), cross linked polyolefin foam pad cutted in length and stretched for drainage and stability purposes.

What is unique about the Airlastic® Foam?

  • The Airlastic foam is easy to handle and easy to install and can be welded together with a special installation tool;
  • The High Performance C and XC allow for excellent drainage and remain flat during installation, also in warmer areas, due to the slits or X-cuts in the foam – The Airlastic foam can be installed both on a bound or unbound subbase;
  • Available in density 50 (soft) up to density 90 (firm);
  • Environmental friendly;
  • The foam is physically cross linked > Long Lasting Performance as the foam gets back into its’ original shape time after time.

Airlastic Expander

Cold and hot weather can have an impact on the size of the foam, as this polyolefin based material can shrink and expand. Therefore Airlastic has designed, jointly with it’s partner Trocellen GmbH, the Airlastic Expander technology, that allows the foam to shrink and expand without having any negative impact on the foam layer and/or top layer.
This patented technology systematically cuts a specific pattern in the foam that not only results in a perfectly flat foam during and after installation, but also has excellent drainage characteristics.

Airlastic Layer

This patented in-situ installed system, based on a prefabricated 3 dimensional closed cell foam pad meets all common criteria on shock absorption, G-Max, HIC values and Energy restitution. Furthermore, players’ feedback proves that the feeling of playing football, rugby or hockey on an Airlastic Layer is being perceived as better than on a standard elastic layer, due to the right biomechanical characteristics.

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    Air-pockets take out ‘the trampoline effect’ of standard e-layers. Standard elastic layers ‘return’ energy back to the player.

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    After subbase installation, the airlastic layer can be applied. It directly applies a layer of material onto the Dimpled Foam which results in an Airlastic layer.

Airlastic Layers can be composed of SBR, LFR, EPDM, TPE and combinations of those with small grade stones which can be installed in tailor-made thicknesses depending on the composition of the toplayer. Airlastic is able to find the best solution matching your specific turf for sand filled, rubber filled or non filled systems, in order to achieve long lasting performance! Airlastic also installs standard elastic layer systems and has its own pavers and mixers available.


Airlastic has developed several methods of efficient installation. Depending on the size of the project, the application and weather conditions, Airlastic foam can be bonded by means of heat, Airlastic PE-tape or Velcro.

Airlastic can educate its partners on how to install new products it has developed, allowing the users to get the maximum benefit from its new solutions. Airlastic makes use of its own pavers, mixers, sand-matics and other specific installation tools in order to assure the best quality playing surface.

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Airlastic Layer


  • Real Madrid (4 full size fields)


  • Dramatico (2 STAR Football & Rugby field) Lousada


  • Suelli (FIH Approved Hockey Field)
  • Matorano (Football)
  • Olbia (Football)


  • Grasshopper (Non Infill Football 1 STAR Field)
  • Maglingen (National Sports Center)


  • FC Molde (Football Field)


  • FC Köln (2 STAR Football Field)
  • Adidas Headquarters Herzogenaurach


  • FC Tokio (Football Field)
  • Urawa Reds (Football Field)
  • Yamanashi University (Football)


  • City of Rotterdam (Football Field)
  • Barneveld (Playground)

High Performance Foam


  • Colaiste Cholm Hockey Club (Sand-filled Hockey Field)


  • Olbia (Football Field)


  • EURO 2007 (4 Five-a-Side Football Fields)
  • HC Crayenhout (Sand Filled Hockey Field)
  • Nieuwe Ter Aa (Football Field)


  • Hodd (Indoor Football Field)
  • Fosenhallen Bjugn – Trondheim (Indoor Football Field)


  • Vichy (Five-a-Side Football Field)


  • Görlitz (Five-a-Side Football Field for Fortis Project)
  • Hildesheim (6 Synthetic Turf Putting Greens)


  • Regensdorf (Football Field)


Airlastic ensures that during the various seasons, the performance of the whole system is more constant regarding shock absorption and energy restitution. With Airlastic installed, one can reduce the use of SBR rubber. Specially engineered infill becomes more affordable as the quantity needed is being reduced dramatically. As Airlastic allows for shorter grass-fibers one can apply denser and thus more natural looking artificial turf systems. This is what players like! Airlastic will last for over 20 years, so 2 top-layers can be easily installed. Our products are based on 100% recycling friendly PE.

In short : Airlastic ensures long lasting performance of your system!




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