Airlastic develops important components for artificial grass that lead to the perfect energy restitution, shock absorption and vertical deformation of a sports field or playground. Airlastic is focussing on what players, children and other users of artificial grass like and tests new potential products in its fully equipped laboratory in The Netherlands.

Airlastic supports turf producers, contractors, installers, architects, principals and players in making the right choices for long lasting performance! Airlastic® and Airlastic Expander® are registered trademarks of Airlastic BV The Netherlands.

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The Airlastic Layer

Standard elastic layers have very good shock absorption values, but 'return' energy back to the player.


Airlastic products

Artificial grass systems do not only fulfill players' requirements because of its turf, but also because of its shock pads. The installation methods have a major influence on the overall system-performance as well. Airlastic is specialised in these important components in an artificial turf system.